501 Vocabulary Questions (Skill Builder in Focus) by Chesla, Elizabeth L

By Chesla, Elizabeth L

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The ________ of my argument is that all life is sacred. 65. He thinks that if he just ________(s) enough, she’ll agree to a date. 66. The abandoned building is the only ________ in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood. 67. Their society divides people into several different ________(s) based on their lineage and economic status. 68. The fish tank was ________(ing) with tadpoles. 69. She didn’t know how to ________ such a sensitive topic. 70. He is planning a speech that should really ________ the crowd.

To bolster means to buoy or hearten. It can also mean to support or prop up. 94. To burnish is to polish; to rub to a shine. 40 501 Vocabulary Questions 95. To deprecate is to express disapproval of; to belittle. 96. To truncate is to shorten or terminate by (or as if by) cutting the top or end off. 97. To forestall is to preempt; to prevent by taking action first. 98. To immolate is to kill oneself by fire. It can also mean to kill as a sacrifice or to destroy (one thing for another). 99. To abrogate is to abolish or annul by authority.

A. b. c. d. someone who is capricious someone who is craven someone who is perfidious someone who is sagacious 45. Which kind of person would most likely make the best judge? a. b. c. d. someone who is diffident someone who is sagacious someone who is sanguine someone who is saturnine 46. Which kind of person would most likely make the best security guard? a. someone who is bumptious b. someone who is circumspect c. someone who is gregarious d. someone who is perfidious 22 501 Vocabulary Questions 47.

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