Advances in corrosion control and materials in oil and gas by P. S. Jackman, L. M. Smith

By P. S. Jackman, L. M. Smith

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The validity of the model was proved with experimental data from the system carbon steel/brine/CO 2/inhibitor (critical wall shear stresses without and with inhibitor, fracture stress of iron carbonate corrosion product scales). New experimental results are presented for fracture mechanics properties of iron carbonate scales from CO 2 corrosion of steel (Young's modulus, fracture stress, scale thickness dependent fracture strain, intrinsic growth stress, hardness, scale adhesion). Examples are given on the effect of corrosion inhibitors on critical wall shear stresses for FILC initiation under conditions of sweet and sour gas production.

G. tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide forms rod-like micelles of about 250 nm in length [33]. The formation of rod-like micelles above critical SAC concentrations and shear rates is a precondition for the drag reducing effect [34,35]. The flow itself orients the Spheroidal micelle, formed by aggregation of 10 to 100 monomers (diameter 3-6nm). Formation of rod-like micelles by aggregation of spheroidal micelles above critical monomer concentration and shear rates. (Length: c a . g. ) Fig. 7 Aggregation of surface active compounds (SAC) and formation of micelles.

O o o > 0_ z . ° d °"%°° d "O. °" °° °°°* 100 - . ,. "" 1 I ..... m .... m"" i I 3 5 - - °m ..... m... , .. _ _~__ 11 Year of operation Fig. 15 Risk (= N P V cost of failure) for a lO-km pipeline as a function of life time. A corrosion allowance of 10 mm is the maximum that can practically be recommended. It also minimises the life cycle costs. The Materials and Corrosion View of Wet Gas Transportation 21 a strong commitment on the part of the asset owner, to ensure that the system is operated and maintained as designed.

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