Advanced Manufacturing Research and Intelligent Applications by M. Chandasekaran, S. Arun

By M. Chandasekaran, S. Arun

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Compared to pure Diesel, the NOx emission for Algae biodiesel at various injection timings shows higher values and it increases with increase in load and least at minimum load condition. Algae biodiesel blend of B10 at all injection timings has high NOx emission than the other fuels at various injection timings. The reason for more NOx values of algae biodiesel may be due to higher combustion temperatures and also the higher oxygen content might have helped for the formation of NOx. Summary The results obtained from this work shows that Gracilaria verrucossa methyl esters have good Fuel properties.

Introduction Fluctuation in the fuel prices and limited number of oil reserves available are the causes of alternative fuel technology in India. At present, India is producing only 30% of the total petroleum fuels required. The remaining 70% is being imported [1]. Biodiesel, an alternate of diesel, is defined as fatty acid methyl or ethyl esters from vegetable oils or animal fats. Transesterification process is called as the chemical conversion of the oil to its fatty ester [6]. An alcohol (methanol or ethanol) is used to combine with the separated esters.

The preheated SiC particles and Mg flux were introduced at a constant feed rate into the vortex. 2 The molten mixtures were mixed thoroughly and transferred to a ladle. From the ladle, the liquid alloy was poured into sand (circular shape dies) mould and solidified. The same fabrication procedure is repeated for fabricating different weight percentages of (5, 10, 15 and 20) the AMCs. 2. 08 Fig. 1. Electrical furnace with die Al Balance Fig. 2. 2 Microstructure and testing As per standard metallographic procedure, the specimens from the casted AMCs were polished and etched.

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