Adult Medical Emergencies Handbook by Graham Robert Nimmo

By Graham Robert Nimmo

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First name 3. Patient identification number (hospital number or CHI number) 4. Date of birth 5. Sample date 6. Signature of person taking sample 7. If the patient identification number is unavailable, please include postcode Mandatory information required on the REQUEST FORM (patient identification sticky label may be used): 1. Patient identification number (hospital number or CHI number) 2. Surname 3. First name 4. Date of birth 5. Gender 6. Location 7. Signature of requesting doctor (or appropriately trained nurse practitioner) 8.

Check platelet count 1 hour post transfusion for increment if presurgery or procedure. • In general blood group specific platelets are given. If these are not available group compatible will be given. Rhesus negative platelet concentrates should be used for Rhesus negative patients. Fresh Frozen Plasma • Discuss with Haemotologist. g. over anticoagulation with warfarin, DIC. e. 1 litre for 70kg adult. e. AB universal, O only to O recipient. • The units have a short half-life. Once defrosted use immediately if possible and certainly within 4 hours.

Is the diagnosis complete? 3. Is there more than one diagnosis? 4. Are they so ill help is needed now? 5. Is there an unrecognised problem or diagnosis? adult medical emergencies handbook | NHS LOTHIAN: UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS DIVISION | 2009/11 47 2b. ILLNESS SEVERITY ASSESSMENT • Working out how ill the patient is and what needs to happen to them next underpins the effective, safe management of all adult medical emergencies. Specific scoring systems are included in specialist sections. The Standard Early Warning Scoring System is being used in Lothian.

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