A painted herbarium : the life and art of Emily Hitchcock by Terry, Emily Hitchcock; Smith, Beatrice S.; Terry, Emily

By Terry, Emily Hitchcock; Smith, Beatrice S.; Terry, Emily Hitchcock

Ebook by means of Smith, Beatrice Scheer

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Leben ist ein äußerst komplexes Phänomen und läuft doch vom winzigen Bakterium bis zum studierenden Menschen stets nach den gleichen Prinzipien ab. Die Einführung in die Biologie erschließt Kapitel für Kapitel diese grundlegenden Mechanismen und Strukturen. Mit ihrem modernen didaktischen Konzept legt die Einführung in die Biologie dabei auf völlig neue Weise den Schwerpunkt auf die Vermittlung eines wirklichen Verständnisses für die Abläufe in Zellen und Organismen.

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Foshay discusses in detail the impact of these new scientific ideas on the character of American botanical illustration. Most of the sixty-one species of Minnesota plants Terry illustrated are wildflowers and sedges and grasses (two are shrubs, three are trees, and four are cultivated species). The composites, sedges, and grasses are well represented, as are the Orchidaceae; twenty additional plant families are represented by one or more species. , and another of the three early paintings in the collection (1854) is the orchid Pogonia vertidllata, Nutt.

A general suggestion, or an intimation as to the direction to be given to his labor, was all that was necessary. v 23 The Minnesota Years (1872-1884) Three brief, but telling, comments by Emily Terry are known concerning the eleven years of her marriage, nine of which were spent in Minnesota. About midway through this period—in 1876—she wrote to her Mount Holyoke classmates: "My time is fully occupied with incessant demands upon my strength. " What those "other causes of anxiety" were we can only postulate.

Paul and established a lifestyle that prevailed throughout their married life. Every period of work required a period of rest and recuperation; when the newly gathered strength was dissipated on more 24 The Minnesota Years (1872-1884) work, another respite was needed. 12 One wonders that there was time for botany and painting in this fractionated and stressful life. Perhaps these very qualities of everyday existence made Emily's escape with her collecting case and paintbrushes as essential for her spiritual health as the outdoor life was for her husband's physical health.

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