A Handbook оn а Practical English Grammar Morphology by Belkyarova T.

By Belkyarova T.

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The verbs to stand, to sit, to lie expressing actions in progress at a certain moment, or during a certain period of time in the past are commonly used in the simple past, if they are followed by participle I. g. They stood by the door, talking loudly. They sat beside their lorry, drinking soda water and eating sardines from a tin. He lay in bed trying to forget what had happened. However, the past continuous is also possible. g. She was standing staring at the open letter in her hand. 63 3. To denote actions characteristic of certain persons in the past, the adverbials always and constantly are often used in the sentence.

There is difference between last and the last. Compare: a) I have been here since last week. b) I have been here for the last week Last week in a) means a point in time about seven days ago. The last week in b) means the period of seven days just completed. 4. in subordinate adverbial clauses of time and condition introduced by the conjunctions when, as soon as, after, before, till and until, if and unless, to denote a future action that will be accomplished before a certain moment in the future.

Focus on continuous activity) …Я весь день проработал в саду. I have planted a lot of rose bushes. (focus on result) Я посадил много розовых кустов. – She has been learning irregular verbs all afternoon. (focus on the continuous activity) Она весь день учила неправильные глаголы. She has learned all the irregular verbs. (focus on result) Она выучила все неправильные глаголы. _ Sorry about the mess. I have been painting the house. (focus on the continuous activity) (…красила… I have painted two rooms since lunchtime.

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