7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle: The Complete Day-by-Day by Brett Stewart, Jason Warner

By Brett Stewart, Jason Warner

Follow the daily plan during this publication and you'll eventually in attaining the physique you’ve continually sought after. choked with transparent charts and invaluable photographs, this ebook has every thing you must bulk up:
•Easy-to-follow workouts
•Step-by-step lifting instructions
•Meal plan for max muscle growth
The 7 Weeks to ten kilos of Muscle software takes under 2 hours every week and calls for simply 3 uncomplicated constituents: a can-do spirit, a gently crafted exercise session and a superb dietary routine. delivering field-tested courses and scrumptious muscle-building recipes, 7 Weeks to ten kilos of Muscle indicates how fast you may get powerful and sculpted.

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Initially I was put off about consuming more carbs, but the more research I did, the more I realized I needed them. There was just no way around it. W HAT I DI D W RONG: There was a point in the middle of the program where I went a bit nuts. I got addicted to the strength gains and I started to drink even more milk, eat more carbs and generally overconsume. I got really, really strong very quickly, but I put on some garbage weight in the form of fat. So I cleaned up my food choices and got my carbs to a more reasonable level and the fat gain stopped.

P R O T E I N A N D C A R B S O N LY A F T E R A W O R K O U T. Immediately after your hard and heavy workout, your body is ready to grow. You’ve stimulated your body and put it in a position to soak up nutrients and repair muscle fibers. Now is the time to feed it! Eat protein to help the muscles repair and grow and carbs to shuttle the protein to the muscle. It’s as simple as that. 5. N O W O R K O U T ? N O C A R B S . This is an easy rule to follow and you can immediately see the application.

Lifting heavy weights alters how your body will react to a spike in insulin and basically turns your muscles into sponges waiting to soak up nutrients. After a lifting workout, your muscle cells are more sensitive to insulin for an extended period of time (some research says up to 48 hours). This means that when you work out later in the day, during your post-training window, only your muscles—and not your fat—are ready to actually use the carbs you eat and use the resulting insulin spike to grow.

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