7 Quilted Bag Patterns (7 образцов сумочек из лоскутков)

Сумочка - это то, что делает женщину - Женщиной! Какой она должна быть? Решать только вам. 7 проектов сумок в технике квилтинга - на любой вкус и повод. А может быть, вы решите сшить их все?

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One end-user of Turbec, 100 kWe; no intermediary; Germany. • One end-user of Turbec, 100 kWe; no intermediary; France. 3 provides a summary of the findings from the end-user interviews and case studies. By and large, end-users and operators stressed the reliability of the generators, low maintenance costs, and a sufficiently high electrical efficiency as particular strengths of their applications. Compressor technology and control system software were mentioned among other features on which manufacturers would need to improve.

Also, energy service companies (ESCOs) (especially those with a natural gas element to their businesses) have shown significant interest. While gas companies are most interested in increasing gas sales, electricity utilities are primarily interested in using the units to supplement their output in peak shaving or baseload applications to improve power quality and reliability, and to provide standby power in critical applications. Micro- and mini-turbines will also be deployed to provide on-site power to industrial manufacturing, residential, clinical, and commercial establishments.

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