DSC_0237_smlGrowing up in China in the early eighties, my parents sent me to a kindergarden where the kids would live during the week. My first memories of food were the kindergarden matrons forcing me to finish some terrible vegetable gruel before I could leave the table. In my cinematically-enhanced memory, this resembles somewhat the orphanage scene from Oliver, except I definitely did not want to have more!

Flash forward a few decades and my family eventually moved to Australia, from where I kept on going, moving on my own to Toronto, Milan, San Francisco and finally settling in London. Through these travels I’ve built up new and delicious food memories and associations, savoring as many cuisines as I could from my native Chinese, to Cantonese, to Japanese, Korean, Italian, English, French and Middle Eastern. It’s my private rebellion against being penned in and unable to make choices about what or how much to eat.

There are few things more pleasurable than the anticipation of something delicious, except perhaps to finally have the dish infront of you and to dig in, with fork and face (!)

Delicious Wanderings is a blog about tasty food and some great places you should go and try for yourself. I hope you find it entertaining… and infectious!

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