Claypots Catfish

Claypots, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Walking into Claypots, you’re lost in some breezy, southeast asian town, complete with eclectic seafaring decoration and mellow jazz band. It kind of reminded me of a dialed-down and less kitsch Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco.

We’re here for the fish – and that’s pretty much what the menu has to offer. A simple blackboard at the back of the courtyard advertises today’s catch and the various ways you can have them done – whole fish, on the bone, eyes and all.

Between the four of us, we ordered 2 fish and a prawn starter, which was plenty to go around. The Lemongrass Plaice was served beautifully with its mouth agape, staring into the eternal, simply dressed with pak choi and potatoes. This really was some of the best-cooked fish I can remember having and only comes second to the Cajun Catfish that followed…

Plaice or Grouper?

Oh my gosh, the Cajun Catfish! Wonderfully grilled and slathered with cajun spices, the skin was crispy and meat tender. The plain veggie sides helped to accentuate the exotic main. I can still taste this fish!

Cajun Catfish

It’s always nice to break away from the gloom of London winter and be thrust suddenly into the glaring heat of summer in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this restaurant by good friends and good friends is how you should enjoy Claypots on those balmy evenings.

Claypots with Friends

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