Bone Daddies Ramen

Bone Daddies, Soho, London.

Anything that’s been slow-cooked for 20-hours deserves to be seriously savoured.

Bone Daddies‘ 20-hour pork ramen broth arrives milky white and looks as if the bone has dissolved in with the soup. If there were such a thing as ramen porn this ramen would be the money-shot.

Bone Daddies Ramen

The Bone Daddies menu is pretty straightforward with a small selection of ramen offerings, appetizers and cocktails. I would recommend sticking with what they do best, which is the Tonkatsu ramen and an Asahi Black. (The sake cocktail I ordered was not up to par)

The noodles are the right consistency, not too al dente and not too soft. The added egg (with runny centre) is a nice accompaniment in the bowl, alongside sprouts, bamboo and pork tonkatsu. There is probably  a little too much cooked ginger, which I’m never terribly fond of, especially when it’s camouflaged underneath some similar looking bamboo.

One aspect to be commended is the portion size! Having only ever had ramen that’s always a little more than I can handle, it’s nice to see a restrained portion size I can satisfactorily finish and still feel like I’ve had a filling meal.

London desperately needs to improve on its taco and ramen offerings. Bone Daddies is definitely elevating London ramen to the next level by focusing on this one, sublime dish.

A great place to drop by on a night out in Soho. Queues are better during the week and either early or late in the evening. It may look like a long wait but moves pretty quickly.

My all-time top ramen experiences are still the no-bullshit Kuro ramen at Maru Ichi in Mountain View and a street-side ramen diner I stumbled upon in Kyoto, where only a curtain separated my stool from other pedestrians.

I’m also looking forward to trying out the new Shoryu Ramen on Regent Street.

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