Meringue Girls

Meringue Girls, Street food stall in various locations, East London.

There’s something completely dreamy, delightful and sweet about a pastel coloured meringue, like small wispy clouds captured from a bright blue sky and rendered deliciously tangible. This is the aesthetic that the Meringue Girls have so sweetly tapped into. Their miniature meringues come in subtle and exciting flavours, like pistachio or gin & tonic, reinvigorating this classic dessert and offering up new possibilities.



I chanced upon the Meringue Girls stall at the recent We Feast London food festival and was immediately drawn to the boxes of meringues packed neatly in their boxes. The individual meringue kisses are perfectly size for snacking. While the ultimate meringue eton mess – meringues covered with cream, ginger, rhubarb and pistachios – was both refreshing and luxurious.



If you happen to find the Meringue Girls at your local market, be sure to take home an extra helping. You can follow them on twitter to find out where they’ll be, or book with them directly to cater your event.





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